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"Taking a Swing at Weight Loss - Update #2"


01 May 2001

Dear Family, Friends and Those Who May Care:

Greetings from the big land of oil and cow patties where gas still costs $1.40 a gallon! (Texas)

May Day! I am very blessed to report that all is well on the road.  It is humbling to realize how quickly time is passing.  The bottom line progress pearls and statistics:  Have seen 22 games in six parks.  The total runs scored at the games I have watched are 213 with winners
scoring 136 total and losers 77.  We have covered about 4,000 miles already and four states (CA, AZ, NM and now TX).  The weight loss total is 46 pounds for the Month of April!  I don't expect that kind of pace to continue, but when starting with my cargo the calorie calculations are right in line.  And don't worry!  I went for the recommended blood tests yesterday, though mobile medical supervision does take some effort.   With God's strength and the encouragement of my dad and friends along the way, I have been able to stick to the program flawlessly.  We are one our way to Arlington, Texas, followed by Denver and Kansas City and then Boston here we come for my brother Paul's wedding over Memorial Day weekend. 

This road trip has renewed my appreciation of friendships.  My dad and I have been honored with very generous hospitality in almost every stop we have made.  Also the enthusiastic support of those I don't even know that well has brought tears to my eyes.  I am very excited that a friend of a friend has volunteered to put web-site together for the adventure. 

The vastness of this land has been awe-inspiring. Yesterday was a particularly amazing day of sightseeing in North Central New Mexico around Taos.  Spectacular splendor!  I even got to drive a bucket of golf balls at 9500-foot elevation at the resort of Angel Fire.  Thin air helps with golf distance too, not just baseballs at Coors field.  Psalm 19, Verse 1, states:  "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God and the Earth Displays His Handiwork!"   With renewed enthusiasm I can attest to that!

One of the medical assistants at the clinic gave me a baseball head mask before I left for the trip.  I have brought that along and have used it quite a bit, especially since the temperature has not been too hot yet.  Well, let's just say Mr. Baseball head has gotten a lot of attention on various TV broadcasts.  Some of you may have seen me without realizing it during the Padre-Dodger series in Los Angeles.  And I had fun getting interviewed on FOX-Arizona without revealing my true identity.  It's that kind of silly amusement that aids in getting by with the blahs of foodless existence!

Attached are pictures of me with the three Yphantides darlings--my nieces Nicole and Sophia and my nephew Josiah on my last day in California.  There's also a picture of me typing wireless e-mail before a game in Anaheim.  I learned how to decrease the picture size so it should not take an hour to download like the last time. 

Well, a lot more can be said, but I am trying to be less of a verbose person.  I love, miss, and cherish you all.

Sailing the baseball fields of America a leaner man,

dr. Nick

Journal Entries