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"Taking a Swing at Weight Loss - Update #4"


                                           30 May 2001

Gweetings to da fam, da fwiends, and all da rest a  uuz!!  Fogee abboouuuu it!

Can you guess where I have been?  Smile.  Just had an awesome weekend in New England celebrating my brother's wedding!  I'm in Tennessee at the moment, en route back to Texas!  Houston, here we come ... hoping da Astros will manhandle the Dodgers over the weekend.  Then off to meet Phil and Betsy and kids in New Orleans for a few days to visit Betsy's grandparents.  Time ticks on!

The stats, the stats!

Just completed the eighth week of this monster road trip and am feeling very sustained and fortified by both Divine Blessings and much love and support from all of you.  I have now racked up 75 pounds of weight loss covering more than 10,000 miles on the road through 21 states while attending 37 major league and 2 minor league baseball games.  All of this without any mechanical or physical problems and while having the chance to get to know both of my fathers much better.  The Heavenly Father God Almighty has blessed us immensely with many gems and pearls of experience and safety on the road.   My dad and I have really gotten much better acquainted and have chewed on many things (conversationally) with much depth and time.  You can talk about all kinds of things while covering 600 miles in a day.  We were so eager to get to my grandfather's house last week in Virginia that we drove 16 hours straight, stopping only for gas from Kansas City.  With a "potty" on board no need to even stop for that.

The most memorable event of the last two weeks was definitely the game between ... I mean it was my brother Paul's wedding to his new bride Eleni in Boston, Massachusetts, over the Memorial Day weekend.  I almost choked on my bow tie when I looked up and read on a plaque in the church's sanctuary that it's first pastor began serving in 1664!  Ya talk about history ... the church, which is a real gem of a building, is one of the oldest in North America.  What a great time we had with family and friends celebrating the genesis of a new family.  Had a chance to hang out with some good buds like Jon Petersen and Alberto Rodriquez, who very generously came out all the way from California along with the whole immediate family that came from California and New Jersey and even some relatives I had only previously heard about from Cape Cod and other New England areas.  I'm embarrassed to admit that the TUX did not fit ... it was too BIG!  For the first time in my life I had to have extensive alterations in the smaller direction, which was a lot of fun!  Besides the wedding, I did squeeze in some memorable baseball while attending the 100-year anniversary of the Boston Red Sox baseball club on Sunday, May 27, and a great game between the Sox and Yankees on Memorial Day.
I have to emphasize again how helpful and encouraging are your e-mails.  To know that so many of you care enough to write amazes and blesses me.  And the website has gotten more than 500 hits already, which totally surprises me.  By the way, if you have any suggestions on the site let me know.  The plan is to update it with pictures and stuff usually every weekend.  These more extensive  written updates will be posted every couple weeks.  Feel free to pass on the address to others who may be interested.  One of the more rewarding outcomes of the journey already is the encouragement that the whole experience has been to others who have started diets of their own! 

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this.  Look forward to hearing from you ... Go PADS!  Nice little comeback to get into the thick of things in the congested West! (If you are not a baseball fan don't worry if that sentence made no sense.)

Cruising da baseball oceans of America,

dr. Nick

Journal Entries